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在今天极其复杂且动荡不定的全球商业格局中,成功应对变化比以往任何时间都显得更为重要。当新冠疫情已经颠覆了全球议题的优先次序,我们应对气候变化的工作丝毫不能松懈。这段时期给予了我们前所未有的机遇,一起按下重启键,携手打造一个更美好、更具毅力的世界。在ING,我们相信前进的可能依旧然存在,也相信那些以负责任的方式追求进步的人们。我们支持革新者 —— 那些启发、领导并提倡全球可持续发展的人和企业。作为一家银行,我们扮演重要的角色,通过融资推动变革,并利用我们的专长和行业知识来助您实现目标。我们为您提供个性化、简便和智能的解决方案,然后放手让您创你所想。

迈向绿色未来? 我们为您谋划助力 获取我们最新的行业洞察以及我们如何为您出谋划策



Moroo Shino: new technology paves the way for the energy transition

Japanese conglomerate Marubeni now has more than 100 years of innovation to look back on. Moroo Shino, President and CEO of Marubeni Asian Power, says that as a large independent power producer it has a social responsibility to facilitate the energy transition and the development of new technology solutions such as hydrogen.

Nico van Dooren: Rotterdam stakes out a hydrogen-led future

As Europe seeks to position itself as a leader in hydrogen technology, the Port of Rotterdam has been busy building infrastructure to overhaul the country’s energy system. Nico van Dooren, Port of Rotterdam Director for New Business Development, is working closely with industry to future-proof the port and support the energy transition.

Gerard Backx: seeding a sustainable potato business

Potato seed provider HZPC is looking at how to embed more sustainability in its supply chain. But that is not all: CEO Gerard Backx tells us the company is also trying to breed better potatoes.

Heimo Scheuch takes the long view on sustainability

For more than a decade, Heimo Scheuch has been the CEO of Wienerberger AG, an international provider of building envelopes and infrastructure, based in Austria. He says that for leaders to pass on to the next generation a business that is fit for the future, they have to learn about sustainability.

Jan Kempers: one green bottle at a time

HEINEKEN has just announced that 100% of its beer sold in the Netherlands has been brewed using green energy. Here, Jan Kempers, Program Manager Sustainable Development at HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply, explains how the world’s most international brewer is decarbonising its supply chain.

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Feeding the world with precision

How data-driven analytics is powering agribusiness for the big task ahead: reducing food insecurity while the population spikes.

Recalibrating the supply chain for sustainability

Amid an exhaustive pandemic, companies are finding opportunities to boost overall sustainability through their supply chains using a steady integration of digital technology, smarter logistics strategies, and new incentives for green investment.

Are we close to the hydrogen tipping point?

Hydrogen has a crucial role to play in decarbonization. How can we make it happen? The race to net zero is on, and taking part is no longer optional. That means we have no choice but to explore new technologies and integrate them into our energy systems and our economies.

The future of energy

It’s hard to predict the future, but you can be sure that the energy sector will look significantly different 20 years from now than it does today. While companies will still produce fossil fuels in 2040, renewables could account for almost 70% of the world’s energy mix, while nearly 80% less carbon will be emitted into the air, according to a report from ING.

Northvolt: The battery maker accelerating Europe’s sustainability drive

Northvolt, a four-year-old start-up headquartered in Stockholm, is building a giant production plant for lithium-ion battery cells in Skellefteå, northern Sweden. The ‘gigafactory’ is set to start producing in 2021 and is widely expected to usher in a new era for Europe’s automotive industry.

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As a changemaker, you believe your business can and should have a positive impact on the world. We share this belief with you. You need a partner that understands your ambition and shares your forward thinking mentality. A partner that challenges you to go beyond the obvious.

Financing change in the world

As a bank we have been known for our innovative power and the initiatives we support to create even faster benefits for technological progress. Recognised as one of Forbes magazine’s most innovative companies, ING has a variety of ways of turning great ideas into products and services that clients really need.

Innovation at ING

Covid-19 is forcing us to make decisions faster and prioritise sustainability and innovation to make supply chains and business models more efficient and resilient. Our Post-Covid-19 insights provide inspiration and guidance to prepare for the coming period.

Post-Covid-19 insights
Please note that ING Bank does not have a banking license in the US and is therefore not permitted to conduct banking activities in the US. Through its wholly owned subsidiary ING Financial Holdings Corporation and its affiliates, ING offers a full array of wholesale financial products such as lending, corporate finance and a full range of financial markets products and services to its corporate and institutional clients.