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Wholesale Banking

Remote working - Olivia

Our colleagues show their home office and give some insight into how they have fared working from home.

Olivia - Regionalbüro Stuttgart

How has your daily work routine changed?

To be honest, my daily work routine hasn't changed that much – I have everything I need to do my day-to-day work at home. Of course, I miss the personal contact with my colleagues. But on the other hand, I am used to missing my colleagues in Frankfurt, as my team is based in Stuttgart.

How do you keep in touch with customers?

My team and I are in close contact with our customers over the phone, especially since most of them are currently working from home too. We have found that some of them are in closer contact with us than before. Although the situation is of course a challenge for us, we are doing our best to support our customers through this difficult period. However, at the same time, we are already preparing for once the pandemic is over.

And how has communication with colleagues changed?

As we are only a small team, communication between us has worked very well so far. I talk to my colleagues every day to discuss our tasks and processes – it's been very efficient. We also hold a team call every other day to keep each other informed about the progress we have made and to discuss new ideas.