Stock options, share plan convertible bond hedging

If you have a long-term incentive programme in place, you want make sure it can be delivered at the time of pay-out. Having the right hedges in place can make all the difference. We offer solutions to hedge the equity exposure borne by share-based compensation plans or other equity-linked instruments with the best adaptable economic and accounting products.

Treasury shares management

ING provides alternatives to cash equity operations on treasury shares in the context of dilution risk hedging programmes or as a way to reward existing shareholders. If you already hold treasury shares on the balance sheet, you could be looking to monetise the shares instead of having them trapped on the balance sheet.

Financing solutions

Financing solutions through your equity stakes could be a way to diversify your funding or provide you with alternative sources of funding. This can improve your access to liquidity while you maintain the ability to make other investments. 

Acquisition and stake building

Your objectives may be to increase certain equity stakes or to simply acquire a participation in a publicly-traded company. In these cases, we can provide derivative solutions that allow you to synthetically replicate exposure and build up an economic stake, or build up a stake at a discount.

Yield enhancement and/or protection

We have a number of derivative solutions available if you are seeking additional yield or ways to mitigate the downside risk on your equity portfolio. Our derivative products can enhance the returns on an existing stake by writing options. We can also apply macroeconomic hedging to an equity portfolio.

Asset disposal

Divestment is always an option whether you want to reduce your exposure or improve your balance sheet and liquidity. We can assist you in considering every option and exit strategy in asset disposal.

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