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ING helps power green battery gigafactory

ING co-leads consortium to give sustainable battery producer Northvolt a $1.6 billion boost to accelerate the electrification of transportation.

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06 October 2020

How to optimize your Shared Service Center’s performance?

Theory and practice discussed during a client webinar event on 1 October.

10 September 2020

Sterling unprepared as UK-EU trade deal hopes fade

The chances of a UK-EU trade deal being struck are now 50:50 at best, given the events of the past few days. The very limited risk premium factored into EUR/GBP at the moment suggests further downside lies ahead for the pound.

02 June 2020

Corona crisis – trends that could impact your business

We’re a few months into the corona pandemic and global trends are emerging across all sectors that could have a marked and lasting impact on your business. What are they? And how can you best respond?

21 April 2020

Higher fraud risk amid Covid-19

ING regards knowledge of fraud and sharing this information with clients as the first line of defence against fraud.

08 April 2020

IBOR transition - Frequently asked questions

ING Wholesale Banking made an overview of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for its clients of recent and upcoming developments regarding the transition of interest rate benchmarks.

23 March 2020

Our response to the coronavirus

In light of the pandemic spread of the coronavirus we want to inform clients and other stakeholders about how we are responding to the coronavirus and its impact on our staff and our business.

Customer protection and payment options

Concerned about the impact of corona on ING’s Payments services? Don’t be – it’s business as usual. Plus, we have got some pointers around payment requests, business continuity and customer protection.

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06 March 2020

Coronavirus: the unknown and unprecedented risk

Financial markets and the global economy are still in the stranglehold of a real global shock that doesn’t stop at borders and can't be tamed by words or negotiations: Covid-19.

08 November 2019

ING investing in AI-driven compliance

ING’s ability to use technology to improve its approach to regulatory compliance was given a boost with the multi-million investment in US-based regulatory technology (regtech) company Ascent.

28 October 2019

PSD2, what’s in it for me?

Introduced on 14 September 2019, PSD2 is here to make bank account aggregation and payment initiation from all your accounts at various banks easier. The purpose of the regulation is to open up transaction banking in order to allow third party providers to develop new, innovative services that you can benefit from.