Real-time cash liquidity and visibility

Our vision is that corporates of all sizes should be able to manage group-wide cash in a digital arena through a single, flexible, multi-bank, self-service portal that can seamlessly integrate into any treasury department’s existing IT infrastructure. Virtual Cash Management is our way of making that vision a reality.

Global cash visibility: tackling the blind spot

Achieving 100% cash visibility has always been tough, especially in a multinational, multi-bank environment. Today, digital advances are making cross-border cash visibility a reality for all corporates, regardless of their size or IT set-up.

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Optimal cash management: seeing the wider business benefits

When optimising cash management, it’s easy to get caught up in treasury-specific goals and advantages, such as improved visibility, accessibility and control. But revamping the way the company manages its cash has many benefits for C-suite decision-makers and the wider business too.

Treasury centralisation: time for the next step

Seen as the ultimate model by treasurers, centralisation is rarely as black and white as it appears. Today, digital advances are making it easier for every treasury function to reap the benefits of centralisation whilst overcoming financial, operational and psychological barriers.

Virtual bank accounts: forget what you thought you knew

There’s no denying that virtual bank accounts (VBAs) are a hot topic among the treasury community today. While you may have heard of VBAs before, their usage is rapidly evolving – and their benefits for treasurers continue to grow.