ING Wholesale Banking in Czech Republic

ING has a history in the Czech Republic that goes back to 1992. We were one of the first international banks to enter the market and have built a strong position in the country since then. We meet all the banking needs of corporations and large multinationals, as well as financial institutions by offering a full range of banking products and services. Our clients include many major Czech and international companies. Whether you are an institutional or corporate client, we will help you move your business forward. You can expect a proactive and committed client approach. The relationship manager is your single point of contact for providing access to product specialists, industry experts and tailored solutions. So, if you are looking for the high quality support of an experienced and well-known brand bank, why not contact us?

Our presence in the Czech Republic

  • Client focus - single point of contact - tailor made solutions
  • Local as well as global product specialists and industry experts
  • Dominant position in corporate lending, capital markets and treasury services, market leader in innovations and sustainability



1 of 25 BpS TOP Large Responsible Companies in the Czech Republic

Environmental Finance

ING wins Green bond of the Year award


Czech Republic sector expertise

Transportation and logistics

Whether it is for new ships, trains, or boxes for container lessors, the ability to raise funds to acquire new fixed assets is one of the key developments for the transportation sector. Our expertise in all facets of transportation finance, combined with our advice and financial product offering, will set your company on the right track. An important part of this sector is Automotive in the Czech Republic.


Our Infrastructure Finance team is a multi-product business, covering the full spectrum of infrastructure activity, from Greenfield project financing to acquisitions, refinancings, whole business securitisation, restructuring and advisory work. The team serves a variety of clients including utilities, construction companies, specialist operators and funds. The team’s specialist industry knowledge serves as a valuable risk mitigation and marketing tool.

Power and utilities

We advise and structure non-recourse debt financing transactions. Our analytical skills in technical domains and our financial modelling capabilities have also led us to become an experienced lead arranger in this field. These financing transactions typically relate to Greenfield projects, refinancing and acquisition of existing power generating assets, as well as portfolio financing. While our core activities include non-recourse financing of (Greenfield) thermal and renewable energy power regeneration, our main point of focus – and key growth area, particularly in Europe – is in renewables. This includes on- and offshore wind propositions and concentrated and photovoltaic solar projects.

Financial institutions

We provide a wide range of services to financial institutions worldwide, varying from capital markets, financial markets, mergers and acquisitions, and capital structure advisory to payments and cash management, and trade finance services.

Our Products and services

Finance your business

You need to be smart and competitive in today’s volatile markets. And when undertaking major investments and other transactions, your institution may require some extra financial backing, fast. As a highly reputable corporate lender, we have the lending mechanisms and expertise you need to quickly realise those transactions.

Manage your risks and assets 

When your company has excess liquidity, and is interested in investing this liquidity in the short or medium future, we can assist you with our offering of various investment products. We can facilitate short-term investments through deposits and lightly structured deposits. These products have different characteristics with regards to tenor, return, liquidity, and flexibility.

Service your operational needs

The exchange of money through payments and collections are simply fundamental to any business, but payments and collections become more complicated when dealing with large sums, time-sensitivity, and when crossing borders. Whether your payments and collections are domestic or international, urgent or non-urgent, we have the presence and proficiency your company needs to swiftly execute your payment and collection transactions.

Expand your business

Our Structured Acquisition Finance team works with a range of top-tier private equity funds to provide our clients acquisition financing across a number of ING’s markets. Private equity funds, or financial sponsors, represent a huge and increasingly important source of capital with over USD 2.5 trillion in funds under management as of today. These funds play a very important role in many economies, as well as in all of ING’s core markets, and in many situations they are controlling shareholders of long-standing ING corporate relationships.

Our values and culture

We maintain a responsible approach to clients, employees, the entire company and the environment. As a bank, we strive to increase financial literacy throughout the country. As a responsible employer, we support our employees in professional and personal development, emphasising diversity and work-life balance.

Our business is based on fair and understandable financial products and an emphasis on sustainable business, an area where we also support our clients.

Our sustainability direction

The role of banks is to support clients in their transition through dedicated and responsible finance. In 2019, we committed to steer our EUR 600 billion loan portfolio towards max 2˚ C global warming. We have a 20-year track record in sustainability and have gone through that transformation. We are here to help others on their way, step-by-step, through empowering the low-carbon economy, encouraging a self-reliant society, and by engaging with internal and external stakeholders. Ultimately, we are determined to put our balance sheet, data and capabilities to work to help future-proof our customers and society and help them stay a step ahead.

Our innovation direction

Products and services are similar across banks. We distinguish ourselves by going a step further and innovating to create tools that help clients make better financial decisions. We are always looking for new ways to do things faster, better, cheaper, and move out of our comfort zone, even beyond banking. We do not hesitate to partner up. We already collaborate with more than 130 partners in areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, open banking and aggregation platforms. We also have our own innovative ING Labs, so that we can better serve the needs of our clients with solutions that address their challenges.

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