ING Wholesale Banking in France

We are located in Paris which hosts more Fortune 500 company's headquarters than any other European city and is third worldwide. We are one of the top non-French banks in commercial banking products for corporates, financial institutions, real estate and private equity funds. Established in France in 1982, our long term approach has enabled us to build longstanding relationships with our clients with whom we continuously aim to bring value to each other.

"Our purpose at ING is to empower people to stay ahead in life and in business. We do our utmost to support the growth of our clients in France and globally, leveraging from our extensive network notably in Benelux and Central Eastern Europe. Furthermore we have the ambition to keep playing a leading role in the transformation of our clients towards more sustainable business model by boosting their reflection and fostering them to go beyond their environmental, social and governance targets." Anne Sophie Castelnau - Head of Wholesale Banking France

Who we are

  • Eighty percent of CAC40 companies as well as major private equity and real estate funds partner with and trust ING in France.
  • First bank to introduce Sustainability Improvement Loan concept in France in 2017 with EDF.
  • We are the preferred Benelux bank of French multinationals.


Global Finance

ING awarded four times for Innovators 2020 Awards

Property Investor Europe Magazine

ING France Real Estate awarded Bank Loan of the Year 2018

Environmental Finance

ING wins Green bond of the Year award


Our sector expertise

Real estate

Our team of real estate experts help our clients originate, structure and manage their investments. Through our core real estate asset classes – offices, retail, residential, industrial and logistics – we provide tailored financial solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. We manage all types of projects from the ground up and provide a variety of financial products and best-in-class service to help our clients meet their financial goals.


We build long-term partnerships with CAC40 and SBF 120 corporates who are looking for a bank that combines creative ideas and solutions with swift and seamless execution. We support our customers in their international development in over 40 countries. We provide a complete range of financing solutions, investment and advisory with a strong focus on sustainable financing that places ING among the top 10 players in the French banking sector.

Financial institutions

We build diversified relationships with our financial institution clients including all sort of banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, pension funds and family offices. We offer them advisory for debt capital market, financial markets, merger and acquisitions as well as various financing solutions (bilateral, syndicated, real estate, acquisition, sustainable) and guarantees. We also propose payments and cash management services. All in all, these solutions provide our clients access to ING's global network.

Our product expertise

Acquisition finance

We work closely with a range of top-tier private equity funds to provide our clients with acquisition financing in several countries. Arranging, underwriting and booking of acquisition financings are our core capability. As a reputable player in acquisition finance, ING is a preferred partner.

Sustainable finance

Developing a forward thinking agenda based on sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority for companies worldwide. We support our clients in achieving their sustainability goals by using our sustainability experts and in-depth knowledge and expertise. This solution is typically offered to clients who have a strong sustainability track record, an ambitious agenda, or are addressing resource scarcity and seek financing for their sustainable deals in the area of renewable energy, natural resources, waste management, and water.

Transaction services

We help our clients optimise their working capital daily treasury needs by providing payment, collection and account reporting services for every purpose. Our products are tailored for the management of domestic and cross-border payments and paperless collections as well as a world class, multi-bank and multi-currency cash pooling and netting offered through Bank Mendes Gans. We also partner with fintechs to provide seamless account access and payment solutions to multinationals to their accounts wherever they are based.

Financial markets

We provide financial markets access to our clients so they can hedge their risks (interest rate, foreign exchange, commodities, inflation), attract market funding, or seek investment opportunities.

Syndicated finance

We operate globally offering a seamless service of risk, decision-making, sales and access to capital markets. We are consistently ranked as one of the top five of EMEA bookrunners.

What drives us

Our sustainability direction

We believe sustainable business is better business and focus on forward-thinking companies that are driving change to become more sustainable. In France, we have supported 17 clients so far with Green, Social Bonds and Sustainability Improvement Loans in multiple sectors. In 2019 together with 35 other banks, we signed the Collective Commitment to Climate Action which aligns our portfolio to reflect and finance the low-carbon, climate-resilient economy we need to limit global warming to well-below 2˚ Celsius.

Our innovation direction

We have a knack for turning great ideas into products and services that clients need. Our Innovation Fund invests in and partners with fintechs via ING Ventures, as well as developing our own in-house initiatives using our unique innovation method, PACE. Our four labs in Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Singapore partner with others to bring disruptive ideas to market by combining our knowledge and network with their skills.

Our values and culture

Creating a differentiating experience starts with ING's culture: entrepreneurial, open, collaborative, innovative and energetic. Who we are and how we work are set out in our Orange Code. With integrity above all, the Orange Code is our manifesto describing the values and behaviours that define us and what it means to be ING. Our values are non-negotiable promises we make to ourselves, partners and clients: we are honest, we are prudent and we are responsible.