ING Wholesale Banking in Russia

We have been operating in Russia since 1993 and are a purely wholesale entity servicing international and local clients. We provide a full range of wholesale banking products and services to our corporate clients. Sustainability is an integral part of our business and sustainable finance is a key strategic growth area for ING. In Russia we share ING’s global expertise and have been successful in our ambition of becoming a market leader in green finance.

Our presence in Russia

  • Payments and cash management services
  • Corporate lending   
  • Structured finance



Russian Deal of the Year for Coverage of Export Lending Agencies

Global Finance

ING awarded four times for Innovators 2020 Awards

Proximo agency Award

Best Deal of 2019 Europe, Middle East and Africa


Payments and cash management 

We offer a full range of payments and cash management services which helps our clients with setting up an effective bank account structure, timely execution of payments and collections, receiving detailed reporting, improves visibility and availability of cash, and optimises their lending needs and interest.     

Corporate lending 

 In order to develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients, we have to understand the financial needs of our business partners and offer them effective solutions. We combine a leading position in the financial market, rich experience in organising major international and Russian deals, and flawless performance.  Corporate & FI Lending offers its core products on a committed and uncommitted basis in RUB and key foreign currencies for different tenors.

Structured finance  

Structured Finance is the specialised lending arm in Russia providing major companies with creative multi-product solutions through a broad range of structured finance products. The main products that constitute Structured Finance are:

  • Acquisition finance
  • Sector-based structured finance/structured corporate debt (including pre-export finance)
  • Asset-based finance
  • Export credit agencies-based financing
  • Syndications
  • Natural resources client advisory
  • And more.

Structured finance has a strong track record in the market and knows how to deal with the challenges of each project and/or financial need.

Trade finance  

We offer a full range of trade finance services aimed at financing, settling and mitigating risks of international trade for our customers

Supply chain finance       

We offer a fully localised Supply Chain Finance Programme which operates in the range of value-added working capital solutions to help our clients unlock cash trapped in their financial supply chain. This brings payment certainty, transparency and liquidity to suppliers. In exchange for these benefits, buyers are able to improve and modify terms of commercial contracts. A typical transaction is structured around purchases by ING of approved trade payables from key suppliers of ING customer.  

Financial markets    

We are the top 10 market maker of the foreign exchange (FX)market in Russia. We offer clients:

  • FX transactions with value dates ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’, ‘spot’;
  • Money Market deposits: Fixed/Dual Currency Deposits;
  • FX Hedging instruments like FX Forwards (deliverable and non-deliverable), FX Options, FX Swaps, Cross Currency Swaps and structures in RUB, USD, EUR and other currencies with tenors up to 10 years;
  • Interest rate hedging instruments like IR swaps, Forward Rate Agreements in RUB, USD, EUR and other currencies with tenors up to 10 years;
  • Market making in local government bonds and Eurobonds;
  • Brokerage services in local bonds and Eurobonds;
  • Equity lending and REPO products, active participant in local REPO (bonds, equities);
  • Margin loans and other structured financing / shareholders financing;
  • Structured products and derivatives solutions.
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