Wholesale Banking

Technology, media, telecom and healthcare

The Technology, Media, Telecom and Healthcare sector team provides its over 700 clients worldwide with advice, highly competitive banking products and services.  In addition, the team is supported by worldwide based parent account managers, local account managers and product experts.

The team operates in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment making sector knowledge even more critical. As such, the team has a strong focus on establishing long-term relationships with its clients built on an in-depth knowledge of their strategic and financing objectives.

We are relationship driven and we seek to establish long-term ties with our key clients using the lending product as our primary entry point. Our on-going dialogue with companies across all sectors provides us with detailed knowledge of emerging trends and (debt and equity) investor appetite for technology, media, telecom and healthcare assets globally.

Our team has approximately 100 dedicated sector professionals based in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York.