Manage your card PIN

Change your PIN

You can change your PIN at every ING cash machine that supports MasterCard in many EU countries with the exception of Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Spain and France.

In the Netherlands, you can only change your PIN at ING cash machines that accept MasterCard.

To change your PIN:

  1. Insert your card in the cash machine
  2. Enter the PIN that ING has issued to you
  3. Select PIN services from the screen menu
  4. Then Select a new PIN option

Select a 4-digit PIN you can easily remember but is difficult to guess by an outside party. Do not use your postal code, your date of birth or any part of your card number. For security reasons, some combinations will not be allowed, such as descending or ascending sequential series of numbers (e.g. 1234).

If you have forgotten your PIN

Contact the ING Service Team on +31 10 428 95 81 (available 24/7) and they will re-issue your current PIN by letter.

Your PIN has been blocked

Contact the ING Service Team on +31 10 428 95 81 (available 24/7).