What it is

The MasterCard ID check ensures paying for your online purchases is more secure at online stores that support ID check. During each purchase made using your card, the service verifies if you are indeed the purchaser. An additional authentication step will take place if necessary. You will be asked to confirm your identity via a text message (SMS) containing a one-time 6-digit code.

How it works

While making an online purchase a “Processing....” window from MasterCard ID check will appear. The ID check system determines whether an additional verification step is necessary. For the additional verification step, a ID check window will appear in which you must enter the one-time 6-digit code shown in the text message (SMS) received on your mobile phone.

If we do not have your mobile phone number, you can register it with us by visiting ingwb.com/ingcommercialcard or contacting the Customer helpdesk:

ING Corporate Card: +31 (0)10 428 95 81
Monday-Sunday, 24 hours a day.

ING text message (SMS)

Contact our customer helpdesk if you have not received a text message (SMS) with a one-time password. Please bear in mind that we can only send you the text message if the retailer participates in this service and if we have your current mobile phone number.

One-time code

The one-time 6-digit code can only be used once. You have 10 minutes to use the code after you have received it. The code expires immediately after you have entered it. Your ID check account will be blocked after three incorrect entries. In the event this happens, please contact the Customer helpdesk on +31 (0)10 428 95 81. The service is available from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.

Using MasterCard ID check while abroad

You can also use MasterCard ID check abroad. Check with your mobile phone provider to see if there are any extra charges for receiving text messages (SMS) abroad.