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Getting started with InsideBusiness Payments

This article gives an intro on the new InsideBusiness Payments. For more information please download the InsideBusiness Payments User Manual (or download the Dutch version here).


The world of webdesign evolves every month. A website that is modern, elegant and stylish becomes old fashioned over the years. This happened with InsideBusiness Payments as well. So it is time for a big update and we call it the new InsideBusiness Payments. 

The new InsideBusiness Payments went live on 10 October 2020. Have you already seen our teaser?

The new InsideBusiness Payments look and feel have changed, the functionality stayed as is. So everything you can do now can still be done in the new InsideBusiness Payments. But sometimes you have to find the new way of doing things. 

With this series of videos we help you find your way in the new InsideBusiness Payments.

What has changed and what has not?

Watch this video for a short introduction of all changes.


The new Menu

The menu has moved from the top to the left side of the screen. It is a so-called sliding menu meaning it appears in full if you move your mouse cursor to the left side of the screen. But if you want you can also pin the menu so it stays in place.

The new menu option called Favourites can be used to gather menu items you use a lot. Adding an item to the Favourites menu is done by simply clicking the star in front of the menu item.

Watch this video to see the new menu in action.


View management

By defining your own views InsideBusiness Payments can be tailored to your own wishes. This of course has not changed. But when saving a view you can now set it as default view for the page immediately in the Create view window. 

The manage views buttons has gone and this option can now be found as last row in the Views drop down list.

Watch this video to see the new view management.


Combined columns

Screens with table views are packed with information. To save some space we introduce combined columns. These consist of two different data elements presented in one column. For instance payment type and status.

A combined column can be sorted on both elements by clicking the name of the element you want to sort in the column header. Filtering can be done on both elements as well.

Combined columns will automatically be visible in system defined views. If you liked the separate columns more, you can easily add them because we did not remove the separate columns.

Watch this video to see the combined columns.


Column management

Managing the columns in a view has been moved from the upper left side of a table view to the upper right side. Column management is combined with the Additional settings option that is available on some pages.

To add a column it no longer has to be dragged and dropped into the correct position on screen. In the new Column management window all columns are shown in the screen order and checked if visible. Adding or removing columns is just a matter of checking/unchecking and putting them in the right order.

Watch this video to see column management in action.


The dashboard

The new InsideBusiness Payments comes with a new icon to manage your dashboard. Here you can add, delete or hide the widgets that are shown on the starting screen. It can also be used to go back to the dashboard, no matter where you came from.

We have added a number of new widgets that can help improve your way of working.

Watch this video to see the new dashboard options.


More InsideBusiness Payments instruction videos

InsideBusiness Payments User Manual (English) InsideBusiness Payments Gebruikershandleiding (Dutch)