CGI and SEPA rulebook compliant format 

The XML ISO standard ISO20022 complies with the Implementation Guidelines for SEPA CT and SEPA DD Rulebooks published by the European Payments Council (EPC) and with the Common Global Implementation - Market Practice (CGI-MP) Initiation recommendations. CGI-MP aims to simplify the implementation process by establishing one XML market standard for Domestic and International payments across all banks.

MyStandards: online tool for standardised documentation and testing 

ING offers all customers the possibility of using SWIFT MyStandards Readiness Portal. This is a web-based application which provides access to standardised and structured documentation for ISO 20022 XML messages and format requirements testing.
All ING XML format guidelines and sample files are available on MyStandards. The guidelines can be used directly in the tool for file testing or exported in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel XML). This way MyStandards provides an optimal basis for faster technical implementation of format requirements in your IT system. 

Local Formats

Additional local formats are available for domestic markets in several countries. More information about the initiation formats and SWIFT MyStandards Readiness Portal can be obtained via our local country offices or from your (local) account manager.